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How Does Having My Listings Professionally Staged Help Me?
Recently, many of my agent clients have been using Staging services as a way to help them win listing contracts. One agent was recently up against 3 others for the same listing contract and offered my Staging services at a cost to her of just $125 on this particular home. Although the clients did not know how inexpensive this service was, they chose her to list the home having perceived the value of her services to be higher than her competition. The house sold in 2 days for more money than the other agents had even wanted to list the home for. They were so thrilled, they recommended her to their neighbors and she sold that house as well!
Since she double ended the first sale, she made over $15k in commissions off the two homes because she offered a “free staging service” that cost her just $125.. This service is called the Customized Staging Plan and is outlined under the section How Does It Work?

On your next listing appointment, you might try this approach with your potential clients:

“Mr. and Mrs. Home Seller, I heard you say that getting the most money out of your home was important to you. One of the benefits of working with me to sell your home is that I work with a professional home stager who is trained in the art of uncovering the hidden dollars in your home. Studies show that staging can yield up to 10% higher offers and can sell your home on average of 69% faster. If you list with me, I would like to include an appointment with my stager so that we can focus on your goal of getting your home sold quickly and for top dollar”.

Other reasons to Stage…….

Studies show staged homes on average sell 67% faster and receive offers up to 10% higher than non-staged homes and may be a tax write off! A home professionally staged by Style My Space has been intentionally designed to be warm and inviting while showcasing the home to its highest potential. This creates an environment that buyers aspire to own, thereby selling the home quickly for top dollar. The faster your listings sell, the more impressive your sales statistics and the more people want to list with you!

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Some things to consider:

  • – 90% of all buyers used the interenet to search for properties
  • – 84% of buyers reported the photos to be the most useful information
  • – The number one action taken after viewing a home online was to drive by or visit the home
  • – 91% of all home buying decisions are made by women
  • – 70% of women knew the day they walked in the house it was the right one for them

Why not encourage your sellers to present the dream environment a buyer is yearning to find and will pay more for?

How Does It Work?
Our Customized Staging Plan is the most affordable staging service and gives sellers all the information they need to stage the home themselves. This service is for lived in homes and encompasses a complete inspection and verbal analysis of the property inside and out.

We cover every detail including:

  • * curb appeal
  • * decluttering and cleaning
  • * how to showcase valuable features buyers are seeking
  • * design furniture arrangements that create warm and inviting spaces
  • * how to accessorize and what colors to use
  • * design solutions for remedying outdated or awkward areas
  • * what purchases and/or upgrades will help the home sell faster
  • * select and advise on flooring, fixtures, paint, etc. as needed
  • * provide information for reliable vendors in our vast database

This is an affordable DIY route for those looking to maximize their profit potential and sell faster. This service starts at $250 and is discounted to agents who prefer to include it with their listing package to $125/hr (we are typically in the home 60-90 minutes.)

The Bid is an estimate for the work to be completed by our team in a lived in home. This estimate is based on the scope of the project and our professional recommendations to expedite the fastest sale. This service includes staging the home’s interior and exterior and providing additional accessories if needed. Most homes start around $500 but our crew can also come in for just $150 per hour, staging the most critical areas first. This is an affordable option for most sellers as they can decide how much they would like to invest.
Studies show Staging vacant homes sells them 2-3 times faster for up to 10% higher offers making Staging a money maker as well as a possible tax deduction – regardless of the homes price point. Hiring the right staging company is crucial to achieving the most profitable results possible. As Staging is intended to assist in maximizing profits, it is only ‘expensive’ if clients elect to hire based solely on price or stage less than is recommended, thereby compromising the effectiveness of the results. In some cases where the clients budget is too low or the Stager’s experience too narrow, while not ethically sound, some companies may provide services at a level that can actually lower buyers perception of the value of the home causing a decrease in perceived value and lower offers – the opposite goal of Staging a property. Spending money on this type of Staging can potentially lead to financial losses against the clients bottom line rather than improving it. At Style My Space, we are of the belief that a profitable staging is one of integral design choices geared to showcase a home in it’s most impressive light to buyers who will be inspired to submit their highest and best offers. Vacant home stagings with Style My Space include – expert selection and staging design of inventory best suited for the project, insurance, delivery and pick-up of inventory. Pricing for vacant homes varies depending on the caliber and amount of inventory needed to design the home in a manner that will attract the most profitable results . Call Kim today for an over-the-phone, ballpark estimate – 818.438.1211. Credit cards accepted.